About 荒木隆師/Ryuji Araki

1995年にイギリス、ロンドンに渡る。15歳でカメラ(Canon AE-1 Program)を持ち写真を始める。2005年にロンドン芸術大学、ロンドンカレッジオブコミュニケーションで写真学士課程を修得また2006年同大学で写真準修士課程を修得。2007年から5年間、同大学で白黒プリントおよびデジタルプリントの技術サポーターとして勤務。その間、グループ個展にも積極的に参加し自作の芸術写真も発表。現在は拠点を日本にしてRAArtcを設立、芸術活動、フリーランスとして写真撮影を行なっている。

He moved to London in 1995. His first camera was a Canon AE – 1 Program at the age of 15 and start photographing with the black and white film. In 2005 he acquired a BA photography from the London College of Communication at the University of Art London and in 2006 he got a PGD photography at the same university in 2006. From 2007, he worked as a technical supporter for monochrome prints and digital prints at the same university for 4 years. Meanwhile, He participated in group exhibitions and also produced art works. Currently, He moved to Japan and establish a RAArtc, doing Art activities and taking photography as freelancer.


2019 Hariban Award- Short listed2015 Tetenal

European BLACK & WHITE Classics Award-2014/2015 Architecture. UK 1st (First)

2015 Magenta Foundation. Flash Forward 2015. UK Winner.

2014 Silverprint Photofusion Analogue Black & White Photography Award 2014. Voted for as runner up for the award.

2006 Donated by National Arts Learning Network-Progression Award. Runner Up in Originality and Concept.

グループ展覧会-Group Exhibition 

2018 年 「街角スライドショー」隅田川森羅万象墨に夢/墨田区

2017年 The opening ceremony exhibition at waves (西麻布)

2015 Flash For Ward 2015. Division Gallery. Toronto. Canada2015 Neo ArtPrize 2015.

Neo Gallery 27. Bolton. UK.2015 The 31st CGP London Annual Open Exhibition.

London2015 The London Open 2015. Whitechapel Gallery.

London2014 AMPS Photofusion Salon Group Show.

London2013 AMPS Photofusion Salon Group Show.

London2012 AMPS Photofusion Salon Group Show.

London2012 Photomonth East London. International Photography Festival. Doomed Gallery.

London2012 For Deep By Deep. KK Outlet.

London2012 The Art of Imperfection- The Permutations of the Photographic Phenomenon. Doomed Gallery.

London2012 Art Against Knife Gallery Space.

London2011 Edge of Extinction. Lo&Behold GallerySpace.

London2011 Light/Touch Upper Street Gallery. London College of Communication.

London2007 The Islington Contemporary Art and Design Fair 2007 .

Candid Art Trust. London2006 PGD Eckersley Gallery. London LCC. London2005 BA3 final show Milinery Works. London, LCC. London


2016 – Present RAArtc (Art projects and photography), Japan2013 – 2015 Ryuji Araki Studio (Art projects and photography), London

2009 – 2015 Photographer at Oceanic Jewellers Ltd., London

2007 – 2012 Technical assistant for black & white and digital images at London College of Communication, London

2003 – 2005 Photographer assistant, Solve Sundsbo (Joachim Norvic, Sharif Hamza, Ryuji Araki), London


2006 Post Graduate Diploma Photography. London College of Communication. London

2005 BA Photography. London College of Communication. London

2001 B-TEC in Art and Design. London College of Printing. London